Vaccinations for Travel is a World Health Organisation accredited yellow vaccination centre located in Sydney. We are able to provide you with an official yellow fever vaccination certificate required for customs services in many countries around the world. Our travel health clinic in Parramatta, Sydney always maintains a stock of yellow fever vaccine.


Yellow fever infection occurs widely throughout tropical Africa and South America. Not all travellers require yellow fever vaccination however it is a requirement for visitors to many countries. At the present time, yellow fever does not occur in Asia or Oceania. The illness is transmitted though the bite of a particular type of mosquito that occurs in tropical South America and Africa. Proof of vaccination is a requirement for entry to several countries around the globe if you have visited a so-called yellow fever infected country. If you receive this vaccine at our Sydney clinic, you will be issued with an official document - The World Health Organisation International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis.


The vaccination for yellow fever provides a high level of immunity for a period of ten years. The vaccination is usually quite safe but is unsuitable for a small number of individuals. Please tell our doctor if you are pregnant, suffer from immunodeficiency, are allergic to chicken or eggs or have had other vaccinations in the last few weeks. There is a small risk of a serious reaction to this vaccine (about 1:100,000) and so the doctors at our Sydney clinic use this vaccine with great care. Usually the vaccine is almost completely painless, works effectively and has almost no side effects.


Call our Sydney clinic for an appointment on 02 98914850 if you may require yellow fever vaccination for your journey

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