Our clinic has provided quality service to corporate travellers for over a decade and we are aware of the special needs of those who travel for business. We have successfully prepared thousands of travellers for international travel as well as providing support for locally-based organisations. Time lost due to illness may mean the difference between success and failure of your journey.  Business travellers now visit more remote destinations and may spend long periods of time in unfamiliar environments. Failure to manage the health risks associated with travel may result in significant health risks to employees as well as lost productivity, increased costs and disruption to important projects. Failure to anticipate problems and to properly prepare your employees for travel can significantly impact on your bottom line.


Vaccinations for Travel can help you to maintain the health and productivity of employees of your organisation. Our clinic can provide a number of important services to assist your organisation. These include: 


  • Personalised, friendly, destination-specific advice and preparation including all vaccinations, anti-malarials and medical kits.

  • Screening and health checks prior to travel.  Assessment of fitness to travel.

  • Pre-employment medicals.

  • Workplace visits for influenza and hepatitis vaccinations.

  • Contacts for quality English-speaking health services at your destination.

  • Support if illness occurs while away.

  • Health checks when your employees return home.

  • Support for family members of your employees.    


Call our clinic today on (02) 9891 4850 to learn more about how Vaccinations for Travel can assist your organisation.

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