Why should I come to the clinic?  


Our doctors have specialised experience and up-to-date knowledge in travel health so they can make the most appropriate recommendations for your trip. Many people appreciate the convenience of having all vaccinations and medicines in the one clinic. Our Parramatta clinic also maintains supplies of the specialised travel vaccines including yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and rabies. In over a decade of operation, we have kept a proud tradition of friendly service, reasonable prices and a commitment to care of our customers. We have thousands of satisfied customers!



What vaccines do I need?


Vaccinations depend on the specifics of trip you are planning. Our doctors will give you expert medical advice and provide you with the specific tailor-made vaccination schedule for your trip. Even if you are leaving at short notice, there are many things we can do to help you enjoy a safer and more enjoyable trip.



Do I need to make an appointment?


Our clinic does work on an appointment basis but normally securing an appointment is easy a simple phone call or visit to our clinic. Bookings are available six days a week at your most convenient time, so you can expend more time in what is important for you. If it is difficult to arrange a convenient time, remember that we are usually open on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Ring us on (02) 9891 4850 to arrange an appointment Monday to Saturdays.



Where is the clinic?


The Vaccinations for Travel Parramatta Clinic is locate in the business area of Parramatta. Ground Floor, 91 George Street PARRAMATTA.  Our building is close to the Octagon and the Colonial Tower. The closest intersection is Charles Street. Parking is sometimes available inside the 91 George Street building if you are able to call us in advance. Pay-and-display street parking is normally available.  More information can be obtained at the time of your booking.



Will I get a refund from Medicare?


If your trip is holiday-related Medicare will usually reimburse you part of the consultation fee. Business travel is not normally claimable from the Medicare System. If you are privately insured, many Health Funds are very helpful in reimbursing vaccinations and medicines for travel. Consult with your health fund for further information about the reimbursement.



Do the vaccines hurt?


Most people who visit our clinic are pleasantly surprised by the lack of discomfort from the injections. Side effects are extremely rare. A decade of experience in vaccinations has given us plenty of experience in administering pain-free injections. We normally allocate plenty of time for discussion because many important aspects of travel health relate to prevention of illness from food or water preparation or things like insect bites.



Will I need malaria pills?


Some areas in the world have Malaria which may prove fatal if untreated. Prescription of malaria medications is a specialised area and the doctors at our clinic have many years of experience in malaria prevention. Side effects of different malaria pills are discussed during you visit to our clinic. Many travellers do not require anti-malarials so the staff at our clinic will check your itinerary and advise accordingly. Malaria prevention measures may change according to the time you travel so consult with our staff for the latest advice.



Do I need a referral from my doctor?


No you do not need a referral. Many local doctors have built a relationship with our clinic and refer patients to Vaccinations for Travel for the latest advice. Illnesses may sometimes change according to the time of the year of your trip and outbreaks that occur from time to time in different parts of the world.



Do you stock vaccines in the clinic?


There is no need to obtain vaccinations from your pharmacy since vaccinations and malaria medications are available on-site at Vaccinations for Travel. We also stock a range of kits to treat illnesses in travellers. Stocks of specialised travel vaccinations like yellow fever, rabies and Japanese encephalitis are normally available from our clinic.



When should I come to the clinic?


Four to six weeks before your trip is usually a good time to start. Even in the same day of your trip is not too late to visit our clinic for last minute advice.


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