Vaccinations for Travel provides a respected and comprehensive service for travellers. Our clinic is staffed by knowledgeable, experienced and trusted travel health practitioners. A consultation at our clinic provides the opportunity to assess your individual travel health risk profile and make informed choices that will help your journey to remain memorable for all the right reasons. Our clinic has provided over a decade of expert guidance for travellers and is a World Health Organisation accredited yellow fever vaccination centre. We also provide a full range of specialised travel health products, medical kits and resources for travellers of all ages and backgrounds.


Our clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Parramatta where we have operated a respected practice for over 10 years. We are members of ISTM, the International Society of Travel Medicine and we maintain relationships with other specialists in travel health. We have a strong commitment to personal customer service and have a proud tradition of customer satisfaction. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy healthy and successful travel.


To make an appointment at our clinic, call us on 02 9891 4850.

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02 9891 4850

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Before you start your next trip, ring us on 9891 4850

Phone (02) 9891 4850